Our Moving Services

I Need a Moving Company, Now

Imagine something happens on move day, and you need movers now. Whether your husband hurt his back, the other moving company didn't show up, or you have a plane to catch - Our goal is to deliver an on-demand moving service within 3 hours. Services like moving should be convenient. We think we can be as convenient as pizza delivery.  

#movingfellows #portlandstudentmovers

#movingfellows #portlandstudentmovers

Hot Tub Removal 

It's hard to believe but we moved sixty five hot tubs in 2016. It's just something we do well, and want everybody to know about this particular type of move. 

Moving Help 

We have two options to assist you in your move. We offer full service moving as well as manpower serviceson demand,

For those that want a company to come in take care of their relocation, we offer our full service packagesDo you have a large home and a fixed schedule to get your move done? Our full service option may be for you. We offer pack, load, unload and unpacking services.

If price is a determining factor to your move, why not rent your own truck and save some money? You rent your own truck and our friendly muscle do the heavy lifting . When customer rent their own truck, like a Uhaul, or Penske, they can save an average of $375 on a move. 

Furniture Assembly  

You tired of putting together IKEA furniture? Hire our professionals who do it everyday. We also disassemble beds, tables, and anything that requires a basic tool set.