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Moving Services / Labor & Truck

Local & Long-Distance Moves In Oregon

Moving Fellows provides professional full-service moving services throughout Oregon. We have local moving crews that operate from branches in Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Since 2009, we've successfully completed over 8,000 local and cross-state moves for Oregon households.

We understand moving is stressful and offer moving packages that take care of all aspects of your move including professional movers, moving equipment, and fully-equipped moving trucks of all sizes.

Packing & Protection Assistance
Fully-Equipped Trucks
Heavy-Item Moving Equipment
Efficient Moving Practices
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Service all of Oregon and Vancouver, WA

We provide professional stress-free moving service statewide throughout Oregon including Vancouver, Washington. We operate 7 days a week and the availability of our moving crews is provided online in real-time through our self-service reservation system.

Hassle-free moving truck rental

Renting a moving truck is stressful and time-consuming. It takes time to find a trustworthy rental company, choose the right truck, schedule pickup, wait in line, fill out rental agreements, refuel and return the truck after your move is done. Add all of this up and your adding 3-4 hours to your move day on top of everything else you must do.

Moving Fellows offers hassle-free moving experiences that include all aspects moving truck rental. Through our partnership with Penske, we take care of pre-move scheduling, pickup, refueling, and return… all at a highly-competitive cost.

All costs associated with renting your moving truck are included in your hourly rate for convenience. There are no hidden or extra fees in our estimates and we do not apply fuel surcharges.

Movers and Truck

We provide the moving equipment

Our moving labor and truck service packages include a fully-equipped truck. When we plan your move, we determine the equipment needed to move your belongings safely and without damage. Here’s some of the moving equipment items we provide.

Standard Dolly
Moving Pads
Platform Dolly
Movers Dolly
Appliance Dolly
Hand Tools

How our moving labor and truck service packages work

Make a reservation

We offer multiple options for you to book our professional moving services. Your first option is to use our online reservations system. It’s fast, easy and takes about 3 minutes to reserve and confirm your movers.

The next option is to call our Reservations Team at (503) 388-5759 and talk directly with one of our moving specialists. We’re available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm.

To finalize your reservation, we require a valid credit card and you’re charged a one-time Reservation & Support fee of $38. This fee helps cover costs like mover background checks, 7-days-a-week customer service, and insurance for every move. We're committed to creating the best moving experience for Oregon households, and these steps help us achieve that goal. 

Tell us about your move

When you make your reservation, be prepared to provide details about your move. We’ll want to know things like the number of bedrooms at your loading location, amount and types of furniture you need moved, and if you need help with packing or disassembly/reassembly. We also want to know if there are stairs or elevators, which furniture items are the heaviest, and where’s the best place to park. The more details you provide, the better we can plan for your success.

Creating the ‘Job Plan’

Our scheduling and operations teams carefully review the details of every moving appointment. Every move has a ‘job plan’ that covers important details like truck size, heavy-item strategy, and the moving equipment needed to get the job done. We map the most-efficient driving routes, best parking options, and make sure we deploy movers with the required skills and experience to do the job efficiently.

If we don’t have sufficient information to create your job plan, one of our moving specialists will contact you by phone. We’re committed to providing you with a high-quality moving experience and this step ensures we have the information we need to deliver success.

When the job is done

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your move. After the unload is complete, your moving crew lead will ask if all work meets your standards. Your move is only considered ‘done’ when you say it is.

Before we leave, we review and confirm the details of your job including arrival and end times. This important step ensures our records are accurate and you know what to expect on the final sales receipt.

For convenience, the balance due is applied to the credit card given during the reservation process. You will receive a sales receipt and itemized statement within three business days from your move date. If you want to charge the balance due to a different credit card, call our support team at (503) 388-5759 or email


Frequently Asked Questions 


+ My moving date could change. Should I schedule now?

Yes. We encourage you to make your reservation today to ensure a crew is assigned to your customer account. We understand plans change and so do moving dates (it happens all the time). With our FlexScheduleTM service, you can reschedule at any time at no cost. We allow online rescheduling up to two hours before your move. If you need to reschedule less than two hours from your start time, we ask that you call our Reservations team at (503) 388-5759 so we can make sure all parties are notified. Thanks!

+ Is there an hourly minimum?

Yes. There is a two-hour minimum for our Moving Labor and Truck service.

+ Do I pay for drive time?

Yes. For your convenience we apply our hourly rate to both the labor and driving segments of your move. The drive time fees cover the cost of truck rental, fuel, equipment, and insurance. You do not pay for these items separately. They are included in the base hourly fee.

+ How do you calculate drive time?

We have local operations in Portland, Salem and Eugene. We dispatch our moving crews from the local "terminal" closest to you. Drive time is the amount of time it takes to drive from our local terminal to your starting location, and from your ending location back to the local terminal. In the industry this is called "terminal to terminal" and it's defined and governed by the Oregon Department of Transportion (ODOT). We are fully-transparent about drive time and report it in your final invoice. We also use the Google Maps API to provide an estimated drive time in our pre-move estimates.

+ Can you help disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

Yes. Let our reservations team know you need help with disassembly/reassembly and our movers will bring hand tools and other equipment to get the job done. Many of our customers ask for this service and we train our movers on best practices to ensure your furniture is put back together correctly.


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