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Licensed and insured since 2009, we are a professional moving company that utilizes the youthful backs and minds of the PDX community. Our Portland student movers provide the tools and equipment to help you load your Uhaul rental truck, pack a PODS container, or move that big heavy couch from one home to the next. 

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Ruben and team of fellow movers helped us load a 26’ Uhaul truck. He’s incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust this team to move me next time I move (sometime next Fall). At $35/hr per mover, the price is right.
— Steve Starr
I hired a four man crew, after my other moving company did not show up. I couldn’t ask for more because the crew arrived within three hours of my phone call. There was minor damage to a bed frame, but nothing unexpected during the moving procedure.
I’ve been hiring the Fellows since 2012. They recently moved me from Eugene to Beaverton.
— Alfundi TOUSI
I had a standup piano that needed to be moved from my basement to my garage. They took great care of my piano, especially through the narrow door way. It was always giving me a headache. I’m so grateful!



From years in the business we have found that customers, more than anything, just need a friendly packing hand and affordable moving muscle to provide essential pack and load moving services. By listening to customers, we found our niche in providing local moving help, instead of non-essential costly full-service moving service. The ability to provide readily available moving help at affordable rates is our value proposition. 


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I started out with a few college buddies, essentially operating out of our dorm rooms at the University of Oregon. In the beginning, I found moving as a great way to pay for my school (+beer and books). After a few years, the service started to take off as people started to notice they could hire friendly moving muscle, like myself. Not sketch individuals resembling that of 40 year old alcoholics who might steal your pocket watch. As I realized a bachelors degree in Environmental sciences wasn't really getting me anywhere in a career sense, the business model seemed more and more promising. So I took a chance, and here I am. In the end, I think college-aged movers offer an excellent source of professional moving labor. I take pride in running this operation and hope to see it grow.